Types & Treatments

​Natural Ruby Rings

Natural ruby rings go through no process to alter the quality of the natural ruby stone.  These are the most rare ruby rings, and most valuable.

Heat Treated Ruby Rings

Jewelers often heat natural rubies to enhance their appearance to the naked eye.  These are heat treated ruby rings and are not as valuable as natural ruby rings.

Diffusion Treated Ruby Rings

Diffusion is a step further than heat treated.  Diffused ruby rings are typically heat treated first, and then enhanced with another mineral.

Lab Created Ruby Rings

Lab created, or synthetic, ruby rings are exactly that, not natural.  The rubies are grown in labs over a certain period of time.  This process is not inexpensive (it might knock half the price off the retail cost of a middle of the road ruby ring), but the resale value is typically very low.

Simulated Ruby Rings

Simulated ruby rings can actually be any type of gemstone that is substituted and looks like the real thing.  There is little, real value to the gemstone if it's being simulated as another stone.  Garnet is commonly used in simulated ruby rings.

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